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Within the Construction industry companies are continually coming up against contractual problems, the causes of which seem to occur with repetitive frequency and which are directly linked to a combination of incorrect recording and lack of cash flow. To the inexperienced the construction project seems a daunting prospect to unravel and resolve as there are many, diverse ways by which cash flow can be frustrated.

These problems are generally caused by:

  • Late and inadequate applications of payment.
  • Additional moneys not being requested at the right time.
  • Defaulting on contractual obligations which encourages counterclaims.
  • Contracts being prolonged / disrupted with associated delays in recovering additional expenditure.
  • Not providing sufficient details relative to Set Off (Act 1996), applicable to sub-contractors' accounts.

As Contractual Cost and Dispute Consultants we have many years of experience in dealing with delay tactics that are used to frustrate and delay the recovery of cash. This experience is particularly relevant when considering applications in relation to the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996, should you be required to pursue this as plaintiff or defendant.

Drinkwater Associates (UK) Ltd can assist with:

  • Preparing all financial costings and/or claims relative to Loss and Expense, acceleration or to support Set Off deductions.
  • Preparation, submission and, if required, final agreement of any request for extension to the contract period, together with any subsequent claim for direct Loss and Expense arising from such extensions when granted.
  • Producing contractual correspondence to support entitlement to an Extension of Time.
  • Preparing causation documentation to support or defend entitlement to an Extension of Time.
  • Preparation of Disruption and Acceleration claims prior to completion of project.
  • Preparation of plaintiff / defendant documentation in order to pursue a claim within the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996.
  • Preparation of Engineering Reports in order to establish compliance with client's design briefs where claims for noncompliance are pursued.
  • Preparing Expert Witness Reports which provide independent evidence to support actions or establish liability as necessary relative to failure to contract correctly.
  • Management of Dispute Avoidance and non-contentious claim settlement.
  • Management of the Adjudication Process either as Claimant or Defendant.
  • Preparation of delay demonstration and Liquidated and Ascertained Damages.

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